Pottery Painting and Wellbeing

Pottery Painting is a therapeutic, enjoyable and relaxing activity.  There are no artistic skills required to create wonderful finished pieces, using simple yet effective techniques which have great end results, which gives you real sense of achievement.

Children love to get messy with paint and to use their imagination, as it's fun.  Studies have also suggested that Pottery Painting encourages children in creativity, and that children that are more exposed to the arts show better critical thinking skills, which is also applicable in adults.

Pottery Painting and it’s creative aspect enables people in groups to interact and get to know each other and to help come up with different creative ideas, and It has also recently been publicised that it has links to having a positive impact on reducing stress, sickness and absence from the workplace due to it’s therapeutic benefits, which is why it is becoming a very popular activity for corporate functions. 

But above all, it is a fun and enjoyable activity for the whole family, there are no age limits, there is an immense sense of achievement when you take away a beautiful finished piece that you have made yourself, which will last you for years. 

So, get creative as you totally get absorbed into this wonderful and rewarding craft.

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